Past Events:

Ondřej Šteffl, M.S. – Where are the Educational Systems Headed?

Thursday 6 June 2013, Brno, the event starts at 6:00 p.m

The topic of education and its future is one that draws the attention of perhaps all the participants of our events. We all believe it is utterly important to answer the question of what the education of our children will look like, and how we should grasp the further education of ourselves, taking into account the trends and changes in the world that surrounds us.

Ondřej Šteffl

The keynote speaker at the event, Mr Ondřej Šteffl, M.S., has been examining these questions for a long period of time. In his address, he will focus on whether schools -as we know them today- are the future of education, or we will look elsewhere to secure the education for our children.

Ondřej Šteffl founded PORG, the first private school in this country, in 1990. In 1995 he started Scio, an institution that evaluates the results of education. Scio’s tests are used in the admission process by 53 faculties of public universities. Mr Šteffl graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University and has completed a post-graduate programme in Sociology.

The First Meeting of Slovakia Alumni

14 May 2013, Bratislava, Babylon Studio

The event hosted the following speakers:

Jiří Slezák, MBA – Nottingham Trent University Alumni Ambassador for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, partner at

Anton Bittner, MBA delivering two addresses: "Gold – An Investment Pillar for the 21st Century" and "Where Did the Gold Treasure of Czechoslovakia Disappear?"

Andrej Mikula – blogger, time managementu coach and lecturer


VÁCLAV CÍLEK - Three Candles for the Future - Guidelines and Ideas for Surviving the End of the World

čtvrtek 25.4.2013Brno, U Pavouka restaurant

Dr. Václav CílekDr. Václav Cílek

Another special guest was the keynote speaker at this event: Dr. Václav Cílek is a leading thinker who steps over and beyond the ordinary boundaries of our lives, both geographically and temporally. Author of numerous books and successful promoter of the fields he takes interest in. Ran his own successful feature series on Czech Television. Dr. Cílek gives lectures at many Czech and American universities. The results of his work have important implications on business management. Born in Brno, Dr. Cílek has had a long cooperation with Prof. Miroslav Bárta who was the keynote speaker a year earlier on the topic of Collapse and Transformation – The Journeys of Complex Civilizations.

The event included the author’s signing of his most recent book "Three Candles for the Future". The book deals with current global trends, and one of the real ones in particular: the world chaos and the entire or partial collapse of the western -or global- civilisation. The key idea is how to survive the period of transition in a relatively dignified way, without suffering too much from hunger, cold or injustice.

The video recording from this evening will be available to participants and regular visitors.



14 February 2013, Brno

The keynote speaker at the event, Mr Zbyněk Frolík, M.S., is the founder, owner and CEO of Linet, a producer of hospital beds exporting to over a hundred countries worldwide.

Ing. Frolík


Mr Frolík graduated from the Czech Technical University (Prague) with a major in cybernetics. His company, established in 1990 and headed by him ever since, has grown to become one of the four biggest hospital and medical bed producers in the world. He believes humility and modesty are the key traits for a manager to possess. He received the Presidential Medal of Merit, and sits on the Board of the Confederation of Industry. Until recently, he was also member of the Czech government’s Science, Research and Innovation Council.



22 November 2012,  U Pavouka restaurant, Brno

The keynote speaker, Mr Milan Bubeníček, M.S.,  is a member of the Transformation Processes of Complex Civilisations Forum along with Dana Drábová and Miroslav Bárta. He has taken part in several of our closed events. He is an excellent public speaker and a true professional, and we were very happy when he accepted our invitation.

His speech titled "Quo Vadis" focused on the inherent laws of the evolution dynamics of complex systems (companies, countries, cultures and civilisations), its phases, characteristics and issues. Mr Bubeníček also outlined his view of the crisis trajectory of the western and global economies, and possible solutions.


Milan Bubeníček graduated from the Prague University of Economics and was involved in the start-up of the first and biggest private bank in the Czech Republic after 1989. He held management positions in two leading capital groups in the country involved in financial and stock markets. At present he is active in corporate management and consultancy in the area of business management and investments. He is also involved in our  Government Bankruptcy Scenarios workshops.



Ms. Drábová had to cancel her keynote speech for serious reasons, but has agreed to give it on another date later in 2013.

Dana Drábová

The keynote speaker of the evening, Dana Drábová, M.S., Ph.D., is the Chair of the State Office for Nuclear Safety, nicknamed the "Atomic Lady". In 2010 the Czech government appointed Ms. Drábová to the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). She comes from Pyšely, a town in central Bohemia, where she lives at present.



11 October 2012,  U Pavouka Restaurant, Brno

CEOs of two successful industrial companies, Mr. Plevač and Mr. Červenka, shared their experience with the management of manufacturing enterprises in turbulent times, and spoke of the current and future challenges.


Prof. Miroslav Bárta: Collapse and Transformation – The Journeys of Complex Civilizations

14 June 2012,  U Pavouka Restaurant, Brno

The keynote speaker at the event, Professor Miroslav Bárta, has dealt with the phenomenon of the collapses of complex societies for a considerable period of time.

Prof. Bárta is the leader of the Czech research team in Abusir, Egypt. He majored in Egyptology and Archaeology at the Charles University. His main areas of interest include the history of Egypt in the 3rd and 2nd millennia B.C. He also takes interest in the cultural and historic backgrounds of the Old Testament.

For a number of years, Miroslav Bárta has been involved in a project that permeates several fields of science -fairly incompatible at first sight- and whose objective is to make a thorough analysis of the circumstances surrounding the collapses of ancient civilisations. And -most importantly- the project strives to find answers to questions we should be concerned about..

SAMBA s prof. Bártou SAMBA s prof. Bártou
SAMBA s prof. Bártou SAMBA s prof. Bártou

Prof. Bárta gets significant credit for putting together one of the most interesting scientific publications in recent years, a compendium called Collapse and Regeneration: The Journeys of Civilisations and Cultures. The first of its kind, this publication covers the rises and falls of various cultural circles and civilisations in a perspective as complex as this. Three dozens of top Czech academics (ranging from humanities through business and economics to natural sciences) joined their forces in their quest for the essence of the phenomena driving the advancement of social formations and the rules of their behaviour in time and space..


Vladimír Kovář: Unicorn Approach

26 April 2012, U Pavouka Restaurant, Brno

The keynote speaker,  Vladimír Kovář, is the founder of Unicorn, a highly successful software company. In his address, he spoke of his personal approach to life, people, business and management. He explained the ideas that he believes in and builds on in his successful business life. In his own words, Vladimír Kovář does not claim to have a universal patent for the truth, but is convinced that his strong and consistent opinions are applicable and may serve as an inspiring example – whether a good one or a bad one.

SAMBA s Vladimírem Kovářem SAMBA s Vladimírem Kovářem
SAMBA s Vladimírem Kovářem SAMBA s Vladimírem Kovářem


Where are the Czech Business Leaders Headed? Where Do Our Billionaires See the Opportunities?

8 March 2012, Brno

The keynote speaker,  Miroslav Motejlek, a highly respected publicist, economist, and the author of the Wealthiest Czechs and Slovaks Ranking. He runs a successful project at and is considered a pioneer of paid news services on the Internet in the Czech Republic. He is known for his ability to get information before competitors do through his network of contacts. He calls a spade a spade, and reports on subjects and events that may be spoken silently about, but hardly ever published by mainstream media. That is thought to be the reason for the success of, a publication for "anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading and listening to a pile of nebulous fluff presented by mainstream print and electronic media to the Czech public ".

SAMBA s Miroslavem Motejlkem SAMBA s Miroslavem Motejlkem
SAMBA s Miroslavem Motejlkem SAMBA s Miroslavem Motejlkem

The event included a fundraiser for LORM – Society for the Deafblind. A total of CZK 8,700 was raised and handed over to Ms. Helena Jelínková, a representative of LORM. Miroslav Motejlek drew a winner from among the donors and gave her a quarterly subscription to as the prize. We thank all donors, and we thank Mr. Motejlek.



21 February 2012, Ostrava

The second run of an international conference on the fusion of science and management organized together with SILMA´90 and the Centre for Advanced Information Technologies, VŠB- Technical University of Ostrava. Topics covered:

  • Scientific findings in management

  • Application of science in management

  • Implementation in the real world

  • A company as a living organism

Speakers:  Richard Bonček, M.S., MBA - Andrej Kopčaj, M.S., CSc. - Prof. Ladislav Andrášik, M.S., DrSc. - Prof. Dr. Július Krempaský, DrSc. - Prof. Ing. Emanuel Ondráček, DrSc. - Dr. Martina Rašticová, Ph.D. - Ľuboš Polakovič, M.S., PhD. -  Jiří Slezák, M.S., MBA

Konference Ostrava

The conference was followed by an MBA alumni get-together at the SILMA Hotel in Rychvald.

A Closed Workshop: Expected Taxation Trends in the Czech Republic

10 February 2012, Brno

The purpose of this workshop was to get ready for changes in taxation expected to occur in the near and medium future. Petr Habarta, a tax expert and a regular at SAMBA events, was the keynote speaker, moderator and content expert.
Uzavřený workshop: Očekávané trendy zdaňování v České republice

24 November 2011, Brno, Stopkova plzeňská pivnice (pub)

Smart Pricing SAMBA

•    What is pricing?
•    Pricing psychology
•    15 basic questions about pricing
•    Tips and tricks to get more from the customer

The keynote speaker, Mr. Václav Lorenc, M.S., MBA, is a Czech blogger, specialising in pricing, who goes by the nickname of "Pricing Idiot".

SAMBA Pricing Idiot


Physics and Management -Practical Applications of Quantitative Theory Management

22 September 2011, Brno, Stopkova plzeňská pivnice (pub)

•    How much needs to be invested into a company and how quickly will the effects show?
•    When do we get a better result by bringing financial resources from the outside, and when do we get results by changing the management style?
•    In which cases can overly ambitious management harm the company? And what is "overly ambitious"?

The keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. Július Krempaský, DrSc., is a pioneer in the area of synergy and founder of several areas of science in the field of physics and semiconductors. Author of a number of scientific publications and popular science books, one of them called "Science vs. Faith".

An interview with Prof. Krempaský before the event here.

prof. Krempaský

prof. Krempaský

prof. Krempaský

prof. Krempaský


Increasing a Company’s Potential for Success

1 June, 2011, Stopkova plzeňská pivnice (pub), Česká 5, Brno

  • The Wealth Growth Cycle and its Inherent Laws
  • Principle of Success – 7 Steps to Excellence

Mr. Andrej Kopčaj, M.S. CSc., was the keynote speaker of the evening. His lectures on change management in organisations are among the most popular both among MBA students and in a number of Czech and Slovak companies that have been involving Mr. Kopčaj in the implementation of broad-ranging changes.

By popular demand from among the participants, a "MANEX OPEN" seminar was held on 2-3 November 2011 with Andrej Kopčaj as the main lecturer.

Andrej Kopčaj Andrej Kopčaj

Andrej Kopčaj

Andrej Kopčaj

The event was sponsored by    admicon

'Take off the Rose-Coloured Glasses: Outlooks for the Financial Markets and the Economy'

31 March 2011, "U Mlsné kozy" restaurant, Kobližná 5, Brno

  • Are we facing the collapse of financial markets?
  • Bond markets – why you should be concerned about them, and how their developments affects you?
  • The "Crisis" – is it over or is it coming?


Prof. Ing. Oldřich Rejnuš, MSc. was the keynote speaker. His captivating lectures on the prediction of the behaviour of financial markets are remarkably popular, and draw big audiences despite not being the most optimistic ones. The event included the signing of the new, expanded edition of his latest  book.

prof. Rejnuš

Beer: The Czech Republic’s Seventh Wonder?

10 February 2011, "Šenk na špalku" restaurant, Brno

David Kaprál (ex-CEO of Jihomoravské pivovary, a.s. / South Moravia Breweries Inc.) and Dušan Táborský (the master brewer at Pivovar Vyškov) spoke on the following subjects:

  • brew-making technology 
  • the differences between traditional Czech beer and "Eurobeer"
  • how to taste beer
  • how the beer market works in the Czech Republic
  • curiosities from behind the scenes of the beer market

Both speakers left ample room for discussion with the audience and answered a number of questions -both commercial and technical- coming from the audience composed of professionals from different business areas.

We owe big thanks to Dušan Táborský as a master brewer who organised the tasting of Jubiler, premium, sixteen-degree beer brand that won an award within the "Regionální potravina" (Regional Food Product) contest in 2010.

You can download David Kaprál’s presentation here, and that of Dušan Táborský here.

prezentace David     prezentace Dušan

'A Czech Manager Shares his Experience from China'

12 November 2010, "U Čálího" Pub, Brno

The topic was covered by our colleague and friend from the MBA studies, Gusta Markusík, who has worked in China in management positions for several years. The topics included both practical information, such as how to start a business and find a partner in China, and advice for those who want to travel around China as tourists. The floor was open for questions of all kinds. Numerous photographs from China were part of the presentation.

As an ice-breaker, the evening was kicked off by Tomáš Homola who recited Chinese poetry in original.

The event was held in cooperation with the Commerce Association of the Czech Republic and Western China.